48-hour ultimatum to stop encroachment

KUCHING: Villagers affected by the Bengoh Dam are giving 48 hours to the relevant authorities to stop the encroachment by a logging company into the land alienated to them near Kampung Semadang.

Bengoh Resettlement Scheme Liaison Committee comprising representatives from the four affected villages; namely Kampung Taba Sait, Pain Bojong, Semban and Rejoi said if the authorities failed to do so they would not move from their villages.

“We want the loggers out and stop the encroachment within 48 hours, or forget about resettling us.

“Whether the company is licensed or not, that is not the issue. The fact is that the government had promised to give the land to the families affected by the dam for us to carry out our agricultural activities.

“But what is happening now is when we visited the site on Monday we discovered several heavy machinery brought in by a local company to harvest the timber in the area,” committee chairman Itodio Peu Rayu told reporters here yesterday.


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