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Collective Murum mission

Published: Sunday October 6, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Sunday October 6, 2013 MYT 2:34:40 PM
MIRI: It is a race against time to rescue dozens of endangered animals in the Murum Valley threatened by rising waters from the impoundment of the Murum hydroelectric dam that began about two weeks ago.

The water behind the main dam wall is rising fast. Trees and bushes that sheltered these endangered animals are fast being submerged.

The Star yesterday received a call from an environmental activist who claimed that people were seen trying to capture these rare animals using traps.

Calls to the Wildlife Department went unanswered, probably because it was a weekend.

The Star also called up Penghulu Saging Bit, a local chieftain in Belaga, to find out what was actually happening.

Saging explained that the people who were trying to trap and capture the animals were wildlife rangers from Sarawak Forestry and locals hired to help them in the task.

“Personnel from Sarawak Forestry are tr…

Police to arrest 40 more Penans

Dukau Papau
10:15AM Oct 7, 2013

The government has dispatched more police personnel including 43 members of the Public Order Riot Unit (PORU) to the Murum dam site in Belaga in an effort to arrest 40 Penans who are said to be involved in putting up blockades to protect against the impoundment of the dam.
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Seorang polis telah melepaskan tembakan amaran ke udara apabila beratus-ratus orang yang membantah minta untuk ditahan bersama dengan Ngang Buling, sebagai penunjuk solidariti. Foto dan kapsyen (disunting) dari Sarawak Report.

One policeman shot in the air as hundreds of protestors asked to be arrested in solidarity when Ngang Buling was arrested yesterday. Photo and caption source (edited) dari Sarawak Report.

Kenyataan Media
4 Oktober 2013

Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia ( JOAS ) menggesa untuk melepaskan dengan segera Ngang Buling, seorang Penan dari Murum yang ditahan pada 3 Okt, 2013 pada 10 pagi.

JOAS, yang terdiri daripada 89 ahli organisasi berasaskan komuniti di Malaysia, mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya tindakan oleh pihak polis yang menangkap dan menembak ke udara untuk menyuraikan Orang Asal yang terdesak untuk mendirikan sekatan demi untuk melindungi tanah, wilayah dan sumber mereka.

Ngang Buling telah ditahan di tapak pembinaan empangan Murum kerana mahu menghentikan penakungan …

Protestors like Penans not above the law — Masing

Posted on October 4, 2013, Friday

KUCHING: Those protesting the Murum hydro-electric dam, including those from the Penan community, should realise they are not exempted from the laws of this land.

Land Development Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Masing said this when commenting on the police action to stop protesters at the Murum dam blockade site yesterday.
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Petition: Respect the Rights of Penan of Murum and Stop Murum Dam!


Photographs of indigenous Penan blockade at Murum dam


PKR: Suhakam must probe gunshot at Penan protest

9:56AM Oct 6, 2013

The Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) must probe plans to submerge Penan villages in Sarawak for a dam project and the manner in which the locals' protest was broken up with a fired shot, says PKR environmental bureau chief Lee Chean Chung.
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Video of Penan/Police confrontation in Murum:


Police arrest a Penan near Murum dam

Dukau Papau
12:38PM Oct 3, 2013
Police from Belaga fired shots into the air to stop more than 300 protesters who also wanted to be arrested after a protester, Ngang Buling, was arrested at their Murum dam blockade site at 10.10am today.
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'Dam workers' lives threatened by protesters'

Malaysiakini 4:47PM Oct 1, 2013
Workers at the Murum hydroelectric dam had their lives threatened by protesters who were instigated by “foreign troublemakers and anti-government NGOs”, Sarawak Energy Bhd claims.
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Penan lodged police report against SEB & Sarawak Govt. Wants Murum Dam impoundment stopped


1 October 2013

MIRI - A few representatives from the Penan community affected by the Murum HEP Dam came down to Miri to lodged a police report against Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) and the Sarawak State Government for impounding the dam without giving them notice while most of the Penans are yet to move to the resettlement sites and negotiations are still on between the communities and the State Government.

The Penans in their statement to the press today said they were caught by surprise when SEB started to impound the dam last Sunday, 22 September 2013 and since then their daily lives have been affected and they are worried about their safety.

A spokesman from the community, Lugan Usang who hails from Long Tangau, in a statement to the press today said that the safety of his people are at risk because above the Murum HEP Dam there are still many Penan and Kenyah communities that have yet to move and are still living at their respective villages of Long Luar, Long Tan…

Future blur for resettled Penans

Winston Way| October 1, 2013
Aid from the government and Sarawak Energy Berhad are only ‘cosmetic and short-term’ solutions that don't equip Penans for their new life, claims lawyer Abun Sui Anyit

KUCHING: The semi-nomadic Penan community now relocated from their village in Long Wat due to the construction of Murum Dam are in a daze and clueless about what the future holds.

Resettled in their new longhouse at Tegulang, the community however is uncertain and to some extent afraid, said their spokesman and lawyer Abun Sui Anyit.
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Community divided by dam

Penans affected by Murum Dam impoundment split in their stand on resettlement

MURUM, Belaga: The construction of Murum dam has resulted in the 353 affected Penan families taking two different paths – one willing to be resettled and the other staying put until all their demands are met.

Eighty-nine families comprising about 300 members from Long Wat has settled in Tegulang, adapting to modern living since early last month.

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