Penans in Baram instigated by particular group — Jabu

by Anthony Joseph, Posted on July 23, 2012, Monday

LONG LAPUT: There remains one so-called human rights organisation still actively instigating the Penan to go against the government in the Tutoh Apoh and Ulu Selongoh areas in Baram.

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu, who did not name them, said the government was aware of their presence, but preferred to let the Penans chase them out of the state.

“We don’t want to have a quarrel with them. Let the Penans give them the boot when they (Penan) see the successes in Long Beruang, Long Lamai and Long Jekitan due to the government’s efforts,” he said at a thanksgiving ceremony for the appointment of Elizabeth Deng as a Pemancha for the Kayan community on Saturday.

He told the people at Uma Eda Beran in Long Laput, Baram, that the Penan community could be easily manipulated because most of them were not educated and still living in poverty.

“They (so-called human rights organisations) thus took the opportunity to poison their (Penan) minds to go against the government and private companies who are trying to bring progress and development to them.

“The government and I pity the Penans for being used by them, especially Bruno Manser who set up the Bruno Manser Foundation in Switzerland to purportedly assist and help them. However, not a single sen has been channelled to help the community.”

Jabu opined that the Penans would accept change for the better one day as there had been such signs after some in the community witnessed with their own eyes the development and progress the Penans in Suai were currently enjoying.

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