GENOCIDE ! – Murum’s Secret “Resettlement Action Plan” Revealed – EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE

28 Sep 2012

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Sarawak Energy – keep off our lands! The desperation of the Penan people who have lost their hunting grounds and are starving

We can disclose that shocking revelations from a leaked report are what lie behind the massive road block at the Murum Dam site, where scores of lorries have been brought to a grinding halt by Penan tribes people.

The impoverished hunter-gatherers mounted the desperate protest in response to learning key details of the resettlement and compensation plans, drawn up by the Government for when their homes are soon flooded by rising waters.

The plans were disgracefully kept secret until they were leaked to Sarawak Report earlier this week.

The secrecy was in defiance of international protocols, which require full consultation and disclosure to affected peoples before construction even begins.

Murum itself was of course also kept secret during the first two years of the dam’s construction, during which time Taib ravaged the jungle and blew tunnels through a sacred mountain area without permission.


  1. Is this what SEB and the State Govt. calling a model resettlement scheme? Baram, Balleh, Pelagus and Limbang folks should now be thinking twice as to negotiate with these buggers


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