How Corruption Filters Down – Dirty Deals At Sarawak Energy

 Posted Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

As all Malaysia now knows, BN/UMNO’s grip on power relies on the continuing support of two corrupted Chief Ministers in East Malaysia.

Both Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman are up to their eyes in money stolen from their people and from the destruction of their home states through unsustainable logging and oil palm plantation.

Many of those stolen billions are used to fund Malaysia’s corrupted ruling party, UMNO, to disrupt the opposition parties and to bribe voters at election time.

So, because these two Chief Ministers are able to deliver so much money and also the key number of votes that keep UMNO in power, Najib cannot move against them to deal with their law-breaking, even if he wanted to.

To the contrary the Prime Minister has brought these corrupted figures right into the heart of his government. Musa Aman’s brother is the Foreign Minister and Taib’s Jacob Sagan is a Trade and Industry Minister – both are tainted with timber corruption.

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