Lihan Jok’s ‘Gifts From God’

Posted Saturday, March 17th, 2012
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Former BN State Assemblyman, Lihan Jok, famously lectured his constituents that the Baram Dam was “a gift from God”.

But, who does Lihan Jok mean by God?

The Baram Dam is a man made project and it will destroy some of the last remaining areas of untouched beauty on God’s Earth.

So, by ‘God’ was Lihan Jok employing the term frequently used for his party boss,Taib Mahmud, who has been enthusiastically driving through this project?

Taib, who runs Sarawak like a mafia ‘Godfather’, and his BN YBs are all hoping, of course, that the Baram Dam will shower them with even more wealth than before.

How?  Well, to build the Baram Dam Taib plans to borrow huge sums of money, which will be guaranteed by the State of Sarawak.  This means that the foreign money lenders will know that ordinary taxpayers will be forced to pay back the money (plus interest) in future years.

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