‘NO’ TO PROPOSAL: Orang Ulu community leaders show their disapproval of the Baram Dam. At second left is Dr Teo.
MIRI: The government was yesterday told that Baram needed a good road instead of a hydro electric dam.

In a press conference held at PKR Miri office here, Orang Ulu community leaders Ketua Kaum (KK) Bilong Oyau from Long Sait, KK Balang Toi from Long Lamam, KK Ramat Teliap from Long Murung, KK Sia Ngadau from Long Kerong, KK Yesaya Arah from Long Ajeng, KK Uyo Arah from Pengaran Kelian and KK representative Thomas Pelutan from Long Sbigen said they were strongly against the building of the proposed Baram Dam.

Miri PKR chief Dr Teo Yu Keng was present to hear their grouses.

According to Thomas, not a single longhouse in upper Baram wanted the dam to be built.

He said those who claimed to represent Federation of Orang Ulu Associations Malaysia (Forum) in supporting the dam project were not from the affected longhouses.

“We don’t want to flood our longhouses, flood our farms and we reject the dam but want the government to build a good road,” said Bilong, adding that the road would benefit the people more than the dam which would submerge their longhouses and properties.

Ramat meanwhile said the group had gone to Kuching to brief state PKR chief Baru Bian on their grievances.

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