What Is Damn Well Going On?! – Australian Greens Query Hydro-Tasmania’s Sarawak Projects

Posted Thursday, May 17th, 2012

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The Green Party in Australia is demanding explanations from Hydro-Tasmania about what exactly its subsidiary Entura is up to in Sarawak?

Investigations by Sarawak Report have revealed that Entura, which acts as a consultancy arm of the publicly owned company, has become deeply involved in a whole range of projects linked to Taib’s plan to flood Sarawak with 12 new dams over the coming years.

Speaking yesterday in Tasmania’s State Parliament, the Greens’ Energy Spokesman, Kim Booth, criticised the failure by Hydro-Tasmania to provide proper disclosure about these controversial ventures, which involve flooding huge areas of the Borneo Jungle and displacing hundreds of thousands of native people.

We have already disclosed that Entura have taken on the management of the inundation of the new Bakun Dam, for example, advising on safety issues and the structure of the Dam.

Hydro-Tasmania has also acknowledged that Entura has taken up further consulting contracts relating to the Murum, Belaga, Pelagus and Metjawa dams.

However, Sarawak Report can now further reveal a far more extensive involvement by Hydro-Tasmania in Taib Mahmud’s SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Energy) projects.

In particular, the current construction manager in charge at the Murum Dam, where the first two years of construction were kept a closely guarded secret, is in fact a staff member on loan from Hydro-Tasmania itself, Andrew Pattle.

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