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Marking of ONE Year of Baram Dam's Cancellation

Miri  – A year after their land earmarked by the government for the Baram dam was given back to them, the Baram villagers gathered to celebrate their victory and solidarity in defending their river and land. The celebration brought together folks from various villages in Baram and other parts of Sarawak to the Baram dam blockade site at Km15 in Long Kesseh. The festivity was held at the campsite which was built in 2013 to accommodate the protestors who manned the blockades for more than three years. Instead of the usual and constant shouts of “ Stop Baram Dam! ” which used to echo in the remote jungle terrain, the protests are now replaced with the soothing sound of the sape and the traditional songs complete with dances and modern music. The Geneh waterfall in Baram above the Tanjung Tepalit village Youth members of SAVE Rivers at the Geneh waterfall The celebration was held in conjunction with the International Day of Action for Rivers which is globally celebrat