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Hinging construction of road to Ulu Baram with the mega dam is unjust

Miri – Saying that building access road to Ulu Baram must be subjected to building of Hydroelectric Dam sounds like blackmailing. Like any other citizen anywhere in any country, the people of Baram are entitled to infrastructure and all other amenities which the government of the day should provide. If the statement made by Tan Sri Datu Amar Dr. James Masing as reported in the Borneo Post on the 30 th  June 2017, title, “Masing: No dam, no road” is the official stand of the state government, it is no doubt that this is an intimidation and a simplistic view. Blaming the people for opposing the dam is also a government’s admission for failing its democratic duty which is “the government of the people, for the people and by the people”. The people of Baram have every right to reject the Baram dam and opt for any alternative development that they want. Furthermore, the former Chief Minister of Sarawak, the late Tan Sri Datuk  Adenan Haj. Satem at a press conference on 3 rd  May 20