Questions For SEB’s Tasmanian Vice-President For Corporate Social Responsibility

10 Nov 2012

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‘Engaging’ – time Nick Wright, who is also in charge of Communications engaged with the public about SEB’s plans for the people of Sarawak?

Nick Wright is the Australian from Tasmania who acts as Vice President at Sarawak Energy Berhad in charge of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR).

In particular, he is in charge of the ‘re-settlement’ of tens of thousands of indigenous people due to be flooded from their homes by the damming of 12 major rivers.

So, surely it is time we heard from Nick about what he thinks of the appalling charade that has taken place in recent weeks with the response to the blockade at Murum by the local Penan people?

Five years after this dam project got under way and just a few months from completion, these people have still not been given their rights to proper negotiation and settlement.

These rights are internationally recognised under UN protocols signed by Australia and Malaysia and now over 60 Malaysian and International NGOs have signed petitions condemning the project.

Does Nick Wright consider it suitable that the response of the Sarawak authorities so far to the blockade has been to drag ‘representatives’ of the Penan to press conferences in order to present them with an arbitrary sum of money and declare the issue closed?


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