SEIA for Murum Resettlement SItes & Service Centre out for review

The advertisement in the Borneo Post today (11 Oct) proves two very important point.

1. The Sarawak government did not abide by national and international standards in implementing mega projects that will cause negative impacts to the environment and people. The SEIA and EIA are supposed to be done before the project begins but for the Murum dam case, the SEIA for the resettlement is only tendered out now and usually will take between 6 months to a year to be completed, notwithstanding the government red tape(s).

This is also contrary to the government statements that the EIA and SEIA for the dam has been completed before implementation. It seems that the government operate on their SOP of Build, Design and Consult (in that order)

2. The second point is that the people does has the power to intervene if they want to. The people now have to look after themselves as their elected reps does not seem to have the power to look after his electorates' interest and needs. While the current government says that demo and protest are not our culture, the people has limited avenue to express their needs. and it works!

So Mr. Government, please be more transparent and proactive, DO NOT be always reactive!


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