We Are Still Here – Stop Lying That Our Issues Are Settled!

18 Oct 2012

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Simple message – filmed by reporters visiting Murum just yesterday

Taib’s BN Ministers have been going blue in the face, complaining “instigators” are behind the Murum blockade and saying that all is now settled with the Penan at Murum dam.

Top side kick and very unaccountably wealthy Planning Minister, Awang Tenga has been leading the attack alleging that the community are now happy with the plans that were made in secret by the government for their future.

Yet, who would be happy to be thrown out of their homelands and removed to a poor area already planted with oil palm for a miserable compensation of RM 850 lowering to RM500 per family per month for only four years?

After this there is to be no compensation, according to the leaked plans. Taib might have well have signed a death warrant for the Murum Penan.


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