SARAWAK’S SHAME ! – Secret Report Reveals The Despicable Neglect Of The Penan People

29 Sep 2012

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The blockade camp is running out of food – the Penan need help

To access our leaked copy of the secret “Resettlement Action Plan” refer to the base of this report.

The “Resettlement Action Plan” for the Penan communities due to be flooded by the Murum Dam should have been released BEFORE building started on the site.

According to international human rights protocols, the Penan ought to have been fully consulted and in agreement with the details of any move and they should have received guarantees about the lands, money and community services they could expect from the resettlement IN ADVANCE.

However, just months before the scheduled flooding of their lands this information has still been kept secret. There has been no negotiation, no disclosure, no agreement, no guarantees and no information whatsoever about the fate to befall these ancient indigenous peoples of the region that Taib Mahmud has decided to exploit and then destroy.

Crucially there has been no genuine analysis of WHY a dam is needed at Murum in the first place! The new Bakun Dam means there is a dramatic excess of power in Sarawak, which the state is in no position to utilise for the foreseeable future.

The report itself claims that it is available for all to see on the state government’s own website. However, it has never been made available and that website is currently stating that this section is ‘being updated’!


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